We are inspected annually by the GGD (local authority health services). Whether or not we meet the requirement as set out in the Childcare Act is carefully scrutinised during these visits.
These requirements cover the composition of the groups, the lay-out of the building, the number of children in relation to the number of staff, as well as many other aspects.
Such visits are followed by a report, and we always publish the latest report on our website.
This report, as well as all the previous reports, is included in the National register of Childcare Facilities (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang)

BSO rapport '21 KDV rapport '21 BSO rapport '20 KDV rapport '20


If you leave your child in the care of someone else, you must be able to trust that your child is in safe hands. We do everything we possibly can to offer you that security at Simcha. All of our staff have a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag – certificate of good conduct) and are registered in the relevant register of personal data. This means that they may be screened by the government at any time from the moment they have registered. They also have diplomas that are recognised in the childcare sector and have all followed First Aid / Fire Officer training with certification, and annual follow-up courses.

In addition to the care we use in selecting employees who meet all these criteria, Simcha also pays close attention to safety within the groups. We check for safety risks within the groups such as broken furniture or toys, furniture that is not conveniently placed etc., so that we may take immediate measures. We check this every day.


All of the above is applicable to health as well. You child will develop best in a clean and healthy environment. The spaces in Simcha are clean and fresh and are laid out so that they may be cleaned easily. We also focus attention on hygiene and food safety. This does not just involve keeping everything clean but also making sure that the children do not drink out of someone else’s cup, checking the ‘use-by dates’ on the food, the use of dishcloths, changing towels regularly etc.

Simcha is vigilant when it comes to safety and health and will tackle the issues that need dealing with. Moreover, there are various other inspections such as from the local authority health service (GGD), healthy and safety at work (Arbo) and the fire brigade to help us assess whether or not we meet all the legal requirements.