Simcha is a Jewish Childcare facility that
provides childcare exclusively to Jewish children.

Our professional staff are not all Jewish and being Jewish is not a condition required to come and work with us.
We see our mixture of Jewish and non-Jewish staff as a bonus.
On the Team page, the staff introduce themselves in their own words.

Active Management Boardd

We are a private childcare facility with an active board that does not steer remotely but is regularly to be found in the centre. The daily management is in the hands of our Location Manager. She has her office in the building and her door is always open for questions, comments, tips etc.

It is about the children

At Simcha it is about the children. Their need for safety, security and trust is the corner stone of everything we do. If a child feels safe, he or she can begin to build trust in the environment and in him/herself, which in turn leads to the child daring to explore from the safety of this basis and try new things. This will lead to a child being able to practice his/her new skills and develop further.

Educational Policy

In the Educational policy section you may read about our Educational Policy and how we put our vision into practice. As the implementation of this is very different for a toddler, rather than a school-going child, we have drawn up separate policies for each type of childcare.

KDV beleid


We have a great team of permanent staff who know how to make every day a delight for your child. We look after and guide your child in everything they want to discover with great pleasure and a lot of patience.

Here they are: